Hunet Corporation is the employment agency that supports consultation to the following, vacancy adoption support and getting and changing jobs.

【1】Digital media and related industry in the high-performing printing company and the advertising agency
【2】The industry related to a packaging (wrapping machine and material) 
【3】The general enterprise related to marketing of cross media (mail-order business and correspondence education, etc.)
【4】The contents which has high technical additional value  (information tools related to medicine, etc.)
【5】The general enterprise which needs management because amount of money of the print order is large
【6】Logistic solution(linked with the above)

We're introducing human resources to the wrapping, packaging industry mainly printing and digital media along a trend.  (Job change consultation and adoption of vacancy support)

≪Recent examples≫
①Related to “One to One” marketing
 Database marketing, fulfillment ,on demand printing, envelope and bag making.
②Cost cut
Printing and DTP in China, automatic publishing and XML,  ASP software.
③ New business term
Print management, outsourcing and new entry in printing industry (including foreign capital)
④ Cardboard
POP, printed matter of sales promotion, particular manufacturing, assembly, corrugated cardboard and other paper products.
⑤ Particular printing and plate making
Film, flexible packaging/transfer printing, ultra violet printing, label, business form/ check/ledger sheet.
⑥ Web, mobile
Solution of cross media
⑦ Others
Design, maintenance and field service of printing and wrapping machine.
DTP, production and editing of text book and study guide.
Editing and writing of specialized book in medical service and medicine.
Web marketing of mail-order business and correspondence education

As mentioned above, we have been introducing human resources to the most advanced field of the packaging, printing technique and digital solution. And we'll also aim at the introduction of human resources and the job change support that caught the latest tendency of the packaging and printing industry. We’ll support to the company where has difficulty of finding successor and introduce excellent human resources to the small-to-medium-sized company where obtainment of human resources is difficult.
It is said there are 30,000 companies in the industries associated with printing media. But all of the printing companies may not be able to survive, because of a change of the market environment and the economic maturity.
It's the severe situation as the competitors by the same business model and on the same ground.
When the market is matured, it's necessary to appeal tightly for the difference of products and the value of own company that it's difficult to be seen for a client. In other words, we think all the employees have to be faced to a client with a marketing mind. We shouldn’t think that "there will be little work", but "we aren’t supported by a customer”. It regards us as an important problem in management of a printing company to secure really excellent human resources.
Hunet Corporation has been introducing human resources for 10 years mainly to the industry associated with printing media. There seem to have been a lot of printing companies where make commercial printing and publication printing, but we have many other results of introduction to the various printing media industry. For example, the companies of the business form, direct mail printing, related to plastic film of the gravure printing, label/seal, the cardboard ancestry such as paper article/POP, plate making, and book binding, an advertising agency, a production office/design studio and printing machine/ component/materials, etc.
We also had the results for entry to a printing industry from the different business category and the marketing to introduce a new technology from foreign countries. There was also failure by introduction of human resources, but we’ll introduce carefully using the results and experience.
We'll contribute to development of print industry, including supporting staff's education, training and executive officers .
We’re advising kindly to candidates for job changing in print related industry of media. We're also hoping for contact to the persons who have no minds to change the occupation right now.

⇒The company which hopes for new employment offer request and consultation, please inquire of the following mail address.
E-mail /air@hunetweb.com

Company Profile:Hunet Corporation

Company Name:Hunet Corporation
Address:Uehara 2nd Bldg. 6F, 4-11-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan
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E-mail:air@hunetweb.com(main mail)
U R L:http://www.hunetweb.com
Establishment: August, 2000
Capital : ¥10,000,000
President: Akinori Kobayashi
Medallion Number of Japanese Government : 13-ユ-010511
All the staffs are previous members of the printing, wrapping and packaging related industry!
(Experienced persons is working full-time, such as ①soft wrapping, logistics, packaging equipment and materials, label ②sales representative, production control, manufacture, control department of middle-standing printing company③engineer, sales representative of printing machine and materials company.
When also including non-full-time staffs, the members who can cover mostly whole printing and packaging related industry are gathered)

【The contents of our business---everything is specialized in the printing and wrapping, packaging related industry.】
・Introduction of human resources (career recruiting and support of the new graduate students who hope for printing industry)
・New business entry support/marketing inspection
・Educational training/re-employment support/management strategy support such as M&A
・Print cost cut consultation
・Printing factory improvement and productivity improvement consultation